Success comes after mistakes

Do you want to know how people become successful after facing failure and defeat?

We are all humans, make mistakes all the time, maybe you are very smart and meticulous person. Still, you might end up making mistakes and feel failed and defeated.

But my questions are if you happened to make mistakes and fail: –

Is it going to stop you from trying it again and accomplish success?

Is it going to stop you from trying and become a fearful defeated person?

Are you going to think about the mistakes and live with regrets and waste your life?

In my opinion, you should never consider that as a mistake that has ruined your life, instead consider that as a loss just you experienced and used that knowledge to learn more of the things that you want to achieve in life, it is important to stop thinking about it.  If you continuously think about the defeat, it will not take you anywhere. Instead, you are self-sabotaging yourself. First of all, you have to look for ways for self-improvement, as success has a serious connection with self-improvement. Here I want to mention my personal experience, when I was growing up, didn’t have any confidence or support of any type, nurtured my confidence after facing many failures, never believed that I have the luck to become successful, this kind of negative thoughts almost blocked my progress. That is the reason I am writing this from my experience, failures after failure will lead you to success, the fact is, never gives up on your hard work and your dreams.

I am not asking you to forget it completely, but ask yourself and analyze the following facts and write down the answers.

I know that I have not planned it very well before starting it.

I didn’t foresee the difficulties in my actions.

I have done things before so, what is the reason for my failure now?

If I am deciding to attempt again, how will I do it?

Do I need extra training in that?

Maybe I failed because I didn’t have enough support.

Am I going to look for help this time?

I remember I didn’t set my goal correctly. How well I can do this time to achieve my aim?

Am I going to follow the same procedure in doing things when I was successful?

10.Can I take some time off from all these new ventures for a while and start all over again.

You need to take a chance to evaluate the questions and facts, without putting it off forever, before taking action again. Of course, you need time to recover from the defeat, but do not give up on it and also do not let others make you lose confidence. There are a lot of people out there will always be ready to undermine you when they see you defeated in something. So, the best way to come out of it is to keep away from them and again use that as an inspiration for you to work harder and smarter but start to believe in yourself that you can do it.

Once you have reset your mind you can start to take action towards your goal, bearing in mind when falling need to get up otherwise you will be lying on the ground forever. When you are starting to recover your loss again keep a log of all the work you do at present and compare and analyze with what you have done in the past. Remember that you will not see successful people in this world if they have given up quickly after a defeat. It is not unusual; the successful people will not give up; they will continue to work hard towards their goal until getting the results that they wanted. Free up your mind from fear and have a determination to work hard on a consistent basis without looking back on your failure. You can turn your failures, defeats, and mistakes into success if you apply the facts that I mentioned above.

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How to make your Public Speech a Success?

Public speaking is the very useful skill if you do it correctly, but usually people panic, to make the speech in front of the audience. Some people try and avoid the opportunities they get, but if you want to be successful professional, politicians, entrepreneur, this skill is needed, and you should have good practice about it to come out of the fear. When you are starting to speak, give a confident introduction and also you should be able to captivate the attention of the audience within five minutes from the outset, remember people are not keen on listening to statistical data of the topics, but they like to hear about the individuals and their stories.

Presentations are held to motivate, educate, and humour should be added to the display to get the attention of the audience. I am an introvert, and I have never made any speeches in public apart from one or two lines in front of my colleagues, that even asking questions about the discussion they have about some subjects, but I have regretted that I have missed that in my professional career.

That said, most people become terrified when they are starting their speeches but once they start and continue with their rhetoric they try to forget the fear and deliver the speech with little confidence. In my experience, if you read and write a lot, your communication skills will improve, and there is a good chance that you become a good speaker as well.

When you are making a speech you might become nervous, and that will create an adverse effect on your statement, therefore, should take regular breaths while you are making your speech that will reduce the tightness in the chest. When you become nervous your muscles will contract and create a feeling of tightness in your chest, so, before you start to make a speech you take few breaths and relax. If you become nervous, you will forget what you have got to say, and the people will start to notice that from your body language.

When you are delivering your speech, try not to look into people’s eyes, as that will make you nervous as the person’s eye might make you think that this person is not impressed with my speech. Therefore, avoid looking straight into people’s eyes and try to focus in on the eyes and the forehead, but you got to make sure that you do not want the people to think that you are not looking at them. I do not believe that it’s  a good idea to worry about other people’s opinion when you are delivering the speech, and you have to learn to do your best. Maybe you will be nervous on one or two occasions and keep doing you will overcome the nervousness.

It is always planned ahead about what you are going to talk about, but at the same time, you should not memorize your speech that will look like a robotic making it, therefore adding humour into the presentation is crucial that will not make the people feel bored.   Trying to be humorous will make the people to get attracted towards you but not too much of humour, further having some notes will be useful for you, in the event you miss out some important issues when you are delivering the speech.

When a person is starting to make a speech may be someone who doesn’t have lots of experience and confidence need to start slowly and build up the speed as it goes on because you might be having a time limit.

I hope this article helps you to deliver a quality public speech.

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How E Learning can help you to achieve your goal?

e-learning-6There are lots of benefits in using the internet for our purposes, business, keeping up the relationship with friends and family but in addition to all these, we can use the internet for further education by using the online courses.

That said, we have to make sure that we can benefit from using the online learning to achieve our goals. Before committing yourself to take onto online education, careful consideration will have to be done whether the online education is beneficial for you to achieve your long-term goal.

Firstly, analyse the benefits.



We are living in a busy world, and in a position to have access to anything without any delay because the internet connects the world. We have to be happy and grateful to have such a big facility. If you want to buy anything you can immediately browse the internet and make your purchases as quickly as possible, these facilities are an added inspiration for the elderly and disabled people. So, when planning to continue with your online studies, you can browse the internet and select your desired course. But, taking into account the fast-growing number of online courses and the increasing number of students, you need to take your time to consider in taking a class because if you rush into something it is going to be the big mistake and might damage your achievement. There is no doubt that there will be more and more professional will be doing the same thing beyond their university degrees.


e-learning-1The people who are running the Internet-based business, they run it from anywhere, whether their homes or during lunch break at their regular workplace or from any part of the world depends on the availability of the internet. In the same way, you too can do your online studies, for example, you have finished your university degree and want to continue with the professional course, but do not have enough funds to pay for your course, can get a job to fund these classes and follow this online course when you are at home after work. All these you could do, when it suits you from the comfort of your home or anywhere else and the fact that you do not have to go out and attend the classes after hard day’s work is the biggest advantage.
You can choose your location; maybe you like to study at the beach, or at a holiday park or even at your favourite café. Online education comes to you via the internet; you do not have to go out looking for it. It can be a major facility for some people who live in a full accommodation; it is not unusual for students to live in cheaper housing.Further, for the online education is to be good for you, need to be able to maintain few things which I am going to mention below.

e-learning-3Discipline is one of the crucial factors that you need to take into consideration, all of us like to think that we have become disciplined, but the question is up to you to know to what extent that we maintain our discipline.  You need to take the point of e learning seriously and set your level of the examination and give that a time limit as well. In that way, you need to commit yourself completely to fulfill your aim.

Planning your approach

What is your pattern of studying, have you got a plan for it? Schedule a calendar for your study, and if you happened to go out, during that period, prepare yourself to study from anywhere as long as the internet connection is available.

Determination and desire to study.

Have you got the real desire to explore and get yourself qualified, this factor needs a clear answer, otherwise, telling yourself that you are studying is not enough? All that will take you to that level is the passion for higher qualifications, if not you will not be able to achieve your goal. Have you set your goal, that you will get qualified in some professional field within the next five years? If that is your aim, there is no way that you can procrastinate your assignments, course work, study notes and learn the materials that you got from the teacher. Do not ever underestimate the challenge that you have undertaken, and if you become bored of the course remember that wasted your time, energy and the money. So, you need to be sure that you will make it to the final level and achieve the goal that you have set for you. You need to make yourself clear in your mind that you will not give up without finishing your course, as this type of e learning, there will be no one to push you around or ask questions, it is all entirely up to you finish off your course. Your class teacher will give you all the information and material; it is up to you to work on it and see the results.
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How to protect yourself from undermines?

undermineSome people like to ruin other people so that they get some satisfaction; maybe they want to have the cooling of superiority from that action. So, you have to learn to protect yourself from those with hat attitude.
Have you ever been told that you are not capable of doing things and don't waste your time? How you ever been told that you are not a real person and others are talking bad about you?
When I was growing up, I regularly got told by my immediate family members that I am not a real person and didn't have any support or encouragement during my young days. If someone was taking bad about you, the support that you should get from is your immediate family. In my case, I was not sure that people were talking bad about me, but I was made to believe that I was a bad guy that way I was living among undermines.
We are all residing on this planet, every one of has been, gifted, talented, and each one of us is extraordinary in different ways. Therefore, we should be allowed to express our gifts, and talents, instead of people out there try to sabotage the youngsters through jealousy, greed, and manipulation. In a family, if a child seems to be gifted and talented, it is not unusual for the parents to make more encouragement and give a bit of extra facility in some ways to bring the talent to the maximum. If they have another child, naturally as parents will support all their kids in some way or another, and this particular child is not talented as the other child, the parent will give some other facility to help the child to be proper. This child might start to envy the able one and start to undermine that child, as some kids want to have everything for themselves do not like to share anything between the brothers and sisters.That said these things do not happen everywhere. Some youngsters are helped to achieve everything to their fullest potential.
Who are the Outside undermines?
Some people want to ruin you, because they are incredibly selfish and want to use you, keep you under their control, for them to feel stronger as someone is available to them all the time when an emergency crops up. If you want to do anything you like and if think will feel happier and confident with what are doing you should not allow others to undermine you and ignore them. But people around you will not enable you, as they want to use and manipulate you. Their control will add to your problems and feel incapable of doing anything and eventually it is extremely hard for you to succeed in whatever you are doing. This type of behaviour could come from your family members, friends or even your work colleges. The best way is to learn to care about you more than caring for others; this does not mean that you cannot be a helpful person, but do not neglect you or listen to undermine.
Is the Undermines within you?
Your spiritual mind belief that you cannot do certain things because it doesn't have the feeling that causes more danger than anything else. You have to learn to ignore people's opinion and start to believe in yourself and also belief that anything is possible if you take action on a consistent basis and love what you do. Your inner mind keeps lying to you; that gives you fear and anxiety will manifest you from achieving to your highest potential. So, do not let your underminer says anything for you to stop and restrain.

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Love yourself first to Love the Others After.

i-741513__180You have to love yourself first, and then you love others if you love yourself only will look after yourself, when taking care of yourself you will have emotional happiness, physically fit and financially well off.

Loving yourself does not mean dressing up nicely and going out all the time with your friends, these things do not come under loving yourself. By doing the way I mentioned above is just having fun and spending your time happily. But when you come back to your house you will start to feel lonely and unhappy; no one can live with that sort of happiness all the time.  You have to take care of your emotions. First, you have to do things that will make your inner mind happy.

Doing What you like Helps you to Love Yourself.


I am going to talk about myself here; I am not a young person and do not have to work for my living, but love to write, or do some other tasks all the time, but nothing useless as want to leave what I am doing as a legacy to my children. I am a person who does not like to go out all the time as I think that I will be wasting a lot of money for a little happiness at that point. That said I love my work it makes me feel happy, so I do it. That does not mean that I am not living for others as well, they are my children and I need to help them to do well in their life. But I make sure that I will not miss out on my happiness that doing the work for my readers and me makes my inner emotions happy and make myself feel proud of what am doing, and that leads to I loving myself. If stop doing what I like I will be depressed, then I will not be able to love myself, and eventually, will become a useless person, and will lose the capability of loving the others around me as well.

I make sure that my inner mind is protected all the time by way of thinking about my achievements, and I understand that so many people like my writing, all these things make my inner mind to love myself.

Keep Healthy to Love Yourself

Love you 4

Another way of enjoying yourself, take care of your body and keep yourself healthy so that you will be able to do anything you like at any time without any limitations. Having a healthy and fit body mean, that you can have a healthy and enjoyable life, and love yourself.

Think Positive

You should always learn to think positively. As a result, you will have so many advantages; therefore, this attitude will give you a positive change in your life, and helps you to escape negativity. If you are thinking of achieving a positive goal thinking is crucial and will be able to get everything with the positive attitude, and you will love yourself.

There are lots of needs are there, those are home, food and money to live, it is not unnatural that you become concerned about those. But you got to learn to cope up with that situation and start to think positively that makes you a better and confident person so that you will be able to love your life.

You have to think about your life first if you cannot live with confidence and happiness how will you expect the world to change. This way, despite the weary situation that you face with, you can still find some light and reasons to smile and act kindly to be able to face the days ahead with the right attitude and a brighter outlook.






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How can setting a goal for 2017 will help you to achieve a better lifestyle?

stay-positiveWe are nearly at the end of 2016.Are you going to set your goals for the new year? It is always a good idea to set new goals, as it will keep you focused on your goals. Otherwise, you might end up wasting time on things like searching for new areas to work without any real benefit. But when you are planning to set your goals, write down clearly what you like to do, and what will make happy, what you will like to achieve in your life.

How to set your goals?

The moment you have decided to set your goals, finalize the path for your purpose, for example, whether you want promotion in your job, whether you want to go into higher education. You want to start your online business, buying a new house or even whether you want to have your second child, this last one may be beyond your control but having faith that will happen. The things you have to consider even before setting your goals are as follows.


1.If you were working and want to get promotion in 2017, set your target date and start to work hard on a consistent basis and also keep up the good relationship with everyone at your workplace.

2.If you want to go into higher education, you need to check the basics and fulfil it before even think about the progression.

If you want to start an online business there is no strict deadline, but consider things like why do you want to start an online business?

How much you know about?

How is your writing and technical skills to start an online business?

Have you selected your niche?

What is your financial situation now, in the event you don’t see immediate success?

If you are planning to buy a house, the price range, location, availability of capital, expenses after buying the house, mortgage, utility bills, furniture all those need consideration. Whether the house is for business or your personal use, it is important to make sure that you will have the satisfaction from it.

How to achieve your goals?

great-things-comfort-copyThere is a difference between dreaming and setting a goal and taking action; anyone can dream to become a millionaire in 2017, but nothing is going to happen with no action. So, once you have decided the path to setting the goal, the next thing is to take the decision on a plan of action. You cannot become successful in anything without a proper plan when you start to focus on your plan of action the next important thing is to set the time frame otherwise you will start to work on something and will never find an answer. Another, you got to analyze the pros and cons of your goal, you got to take care that you are deciding on a goal that cannot be achievable that means, you should be in a position financially affordable, physically fit and mentally capable of handling the outcomes. Your mind constantly has to work on ways and developing strategies about the successful completion of the goal and even better in a particular period. Our subconscious mind is very powerful and makes you constantly think about your goal so that you will be able to find new ideas, problems and even find solutions for those problems even in your sleep. Set lots of small achievable goals at the start, and you would have had a boost in your confidence, then you can go on to the big ones.

How will it give you a better life style?


The people who have become wealthy in their life is, they were particular about setting a goal and achieving it. They do the research about how other people have become rich using the knowledge, which they have gained from reading about wealthy people and how they have acquired the wealth. You do not become productive by working long hours and working harder; you need to learn to utilize the best opportunities and take care of the money that you have, finding ways of reinvesting the money. You cannot become rich if you live a life that you can’t afford, set your goal this year that I am going to increase my savings and by the end of the year. I will have more money in my bank, that way that you can increase your potential and make it grow all the time. It is obvious, investing and making more money will give you a better lifestyle. But, that being said, if you have not achieved your goal for any reason, do not become disappointed and give up your hopes in your venture, continue to act on it till you see success, that will make you a stronger personality with a better life style.

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How to maintain a balance between life and business?

home-office-1034939__180-copyWhen you are working from home, one of the main issues, you will have I s the distraction. The people or your family around do not take seriously about your work, and they bound to think that you were working, but you are relaxing as well because assumed to be free of workplace pressure. As a result, they expect you to help them in emergencies all the time, most of the time they will have a problem or issue to deal with, and you are supposed to assist them in.

It becomes worse that you are setting up a business, that means you got to work harder at the initial stages more than anybody to bring yours into operation. To avoid the failure of your business, you need to have good knowledge of your niche, enough capital to manage your business and also hard work. Some firms still survive but it takes a long time to bring in the profit you expect, so you are having problems like these. But your family or your friends will ultimately lose the confidence in you that they will start to think that you are not capable of doing anything successfully. You might be having great intellectuals in your family; you will feel embarrassed to go for any help from them as you feel undervalued but they will be taking the help that they want from and use you for their problems. If that is the case, stop expecting the help from those negative people and keep away from them and do not give up just others didn’t accept your ideas, you should maintain the consistency and hard work after having helped your family with their needs.


Another thing as you have too much work with your family and your business particularly till you reach a point of success, you tend to neglect your networking, meeting the like-minded people in your niche. As a result, your business could suffer. If you are having an online business say for example an affiliate marketer or a writer, you could do all that once the people around you have left you alone, but how will you manage the networking. Therefore, you need to schedule appointments for yourself, for your family and friends and your business, it is important that you see people and network with them to achieve the success. You should never worry about other people’s opinion; you should do what is right for you on a consistent basis, and work hard to become successful.

You might think that working from home is bad because I am only taking about the difficulties about a home based business, I am writing this to help you and be aware of the problems and avoid them at the start without damaging yourself. There is the excellent point about setting up a home based business, are as follows.

Saving in travel time and cost.

Low start-up cost,

You become your own boss

Work to suit your hours.

You can choose your employees

Get your family to help in certain areas of your business.

Enjoy a new lifestyle when you become successful.

No one to question you.

You can be proud of yourself when you do well in your business and for helped others as well; it is not unusual for everyone to help each other, but yours is different as you were available at any time they needed you.

You are leaving a legacy to your future generation as you haven’t lost your family and the business.

I hope this article is useful to you, I have planned to keep up these blogs updated all the time, but I need your support as well.  Please subscribe to my channel!

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How to Find Joys in the Workplace and Loving Life?


I still remember, how I was trying to get a job when was living in the city when I was working on my own. A friend wrote my resume and tried and got me a job through recommendations. I felt so proud and liked my first; I was still trying to complete my accountancy exams, at the last stages. My trainer was my husband, but at that time, I just met him at the workplace. I was still very young and loved my life so much due to all these new things were happening in my life and a joyful time at my workplace.
I was young and working hard with my exams so that I could use my full potential in my job; I suppose all the kids out there would have been like me. When you are young, you can work hard, set a goal and try and achieve because will not have any hindrances and you will be able to love your life as well.
Red Warning

images-2When you get a new job it will be an excitement to start with, and you will be happy and enjoy your life, but if you stay at the same job, boredom will start to set in. The time you walk into your office, you will be doing the same thing over and again, will not be learning new things at your workplace. You may be even thinking of leaving your job and move onto somewhere else you find some new things to do, but this is not uncommon, these things happen in everybody’s life.
There are lots people out there in your situation as you, before even thinking of leaving, you need to any possible changes that you can make on your job of course of your boss, and the last thing is the thought of the resignation letter. If you find some ways to make your place happier for you, might stay till you find a better solution to move on. If you have a look at the following tips below, you might reconsider your thought and stay on with joy and love your life.
Apply for an alternative or better position.
If you are bored of doing the same type of work, you can try and change your area of work using your same skills; that might interest you. The other best option, acquire some more qualifications and request a promotion in your job, that will make you feel you love your life.
Make a change in your routine

images Plan your work in such a way; the work pattern will change; you can do the interesting part of your job when you are starting your day toil your lunch time and then have some discussions about work after lunch hours. If you have to attend to clients, meet them after your dinner, make them feel happy that will make you feel happy in return. All in all, change the priority of your order, to avoid becoming bored of your work.
Make your office area entertaining
You need to get your office cleaner to keep your area tidy, get flowers for your office, entertain your clients within your office if you are allowed. Try and get along with your colleagues in a better way, so that you will happier within you. Have beautiful family photos around you. You should also have some stress relievers handy, like balls, a piece of a puzzle game and anything that can help you last your day at work.
Keep good relationship with co-workers.

careres It will help you to make you feel relaxed, you can do this on your breaks, you don’t need to discuss your issues with work, have fun with the other’s talking about things not related to work. You can go out for lunch, brief shopping or look around some interesting things with t your colleagues during breaks.
Talk to your boss about work related issues.
Never keep your problems to yourself for a long time, you have tried all that I have mentioned above, and if you are still not happy, you have to bring it up with your immediate boss. You have to remember, support of other people are also crucial if you are not satisfied it will be difficult to last long in your job. Therefore, try and find the immediate solution, and proof yourself that you can love your life and also love you job that you are doing. Now you like your job, but you have to find out whether this job is helping you to prosper in your life just because like you cannot stick to it for life. As such, you got plan yourself carefully and try to move but make sure that you will like the new one and love our life as well.

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Business Advice to Avoid Small Business failure.images

Do you realize that there are mistakes you can make at various stages of your business’ growth that can be slowly killing it for months or even years if you don’t watch for them?Well, these mistakes do exist, and they are not just only for the rookie companies.  Many working businesses, including those you might think, are “lucky” because they’ve been around for 10+ years, are often still making them and are possibly losing a lot of money and wasting a lot of time in the process. Here’s an interesting notion:  Do you realize that there are mistakes you can make at various stages of your business’ growth that can be slowly killing it for months or even years if you don’t watch for them?

  • Although some of these big and sneaky mistakes seem aimed more at service type companies, they do fit the bill for almost any kind of industry.
  • I’ve done my best with the listings below to give examples to help you to take care of it.
  • Underestimating Project/Service Time-
  • Not Knowing YOUR Company Numbers/Incorrectly Setting Prices-
  • Not Getting Paid Fast Enough-
  • Failure to Have Solid Systems and Procedures in Place-
  • Spending Advertising Money Just to Say You Advertise
  • Spreading Yourself Too Thin- Trying to wear too many hats as an Entrepreneur.
  • Not Getting Help Soon Enough-
  • My Latest eBook
  • homebusiness
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