How to Deal With Procrastination?

It is all about putting it off what you have to do at present and in the future because you don’t like to do as it is dull, not affordable, unpleasant. Delaying and wasting time is not going to help you in any way. We are all humans every one of us has a habit of procrastinating at some stage or the other, but the important thing is not to allow it to escalate and keep under control.

Why do people procrastinate?

It is purely a matter of delaying things, maybe they have planned to do something but lacks the necessary equipment to do it then and there. Sometimes people procrastinate just because they want to make it designed in a better way. Otherwise, they fear that the project will fail. Maybe waiting for some help from someone which they might not get it.

What is the side effects if you keep procrastinating?

There are two types of procrastination one is at present and the other one for the future. If you postpone the one you have to do it now, there is a chance of losing it at all. For example, say your grandmother is not well, and you want to go and see her when she is alive, but you have not done that due to may be your carelessness or you had no money to travel, or you have been busy with your work and your family. But unexpectedly she passes away, how will you feel? You have been very close to her all the time, but you were not able to visit her in her last stages and that your stay may have made her happy. You will start to regret it for a long time. It applies to everything if you have been invited to take up a good job, but you are turning it down thinking that you have to look for a better opportunity. Then unfortunately if you are not getting another job for an extended period that will make you miserable, and you will start to live your life in regrets. It is all for the procrastination of the present activities. If you want to do things you have to do as soon as possible otherwise, you are allowing it to drag on.

Let us look at the future procrastination if you are planning to set up a business while you are having a 9- 5 job, planning is going to take some time and also you got to wait for the right timing to set it up. It is going to be in your subconscious mind all the time and also start to worry you a bit. Then you have to start taking quick action, instead of waiting for the opportunity and make your break. There are lots of people out there want to become a writer, and they keep thinking about it but never make a real attempt to do it, that is the future procrastination. Some brilliant people puts off everything and stay behind in their life, imagine if you postpone your important activities you cannot come forward in life. In case your house roof has started a small leak, and you couldn’t be bothered to get it repaired on time the whole roof might get ruined unexpectedly, and that will cause a big amount of financial stress.

If you continue to procrastinate, your tasks will get neglect, or even if you try to do it, you might have missed the deadlines.

How do we find a solution?

This habit may affect the people more who are working from home or trying to earn money from home. To avoid it try the following methods.

Set up a spreadsheet for your jobs that are from Monday to Saturday and allocate the times also for each task, and also set up a reminder for you.

When the day starts, you might find it difficult to do the difficult tasks, therefore start with easy tasks.

Follow your worksheet on a daily basis as the first thing in the morning or prepare yourself for the following day jobs previous night that will help you overcome any distractions.

All of us have the family entertainment, making your workflow the last night is useful to overcome the family distraction.

Even though you are doing the daily task, do not forget about the priorities, that should be done on time to avoid problems.

When you continue to follow a procedure like this, you will be motivated to work harder and on a consistent basis.

To overcome procrastination, you set up a system and follow through consistently; it will give you happiness, contentment and make you work as there is no, hassle, fear and it will appear to be a routine.

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