How to remove the blocks to creative thinking?

Each of us has the power to be creative. It’s part of our natural make-up as human beings. The trouble is that, too often, we block our natural creativity and so make errors in thinking and give ourselves more problems than we should.

Here are seven ways to open up your natural creativity and keep the channels unblocked.

  1. Don’t Make Assumptions.

Sometimes we try to make decisions before collecting all the necessary information that will make us have wrong conclusions. Therefore, we cannot assume things are alright and make decisions based on our assumptions.

  1. Consider Things from Other Points of View.

We have to learn to consider other views about the things that we need, might not have information or might be wrong about the opinion that we have about certain things. It is crucial to have the open mind to accept other people’s views as well. Don’t have a monopoly on how things are. Things aren’t always what they seem. Be ready to consider other points of view.

  1. Try to have neutral thinking.

Some people tend to have a tendency to swing from a highly positive mood one minute to a profoundly negative one the next, all because of what they see in front of them. It’s far more healthy to stay neutral and not let emotions get the better of you.

  1. Get Rid of Lazy Thinking Habits.

We do things in a certain way and adapt our practice to continue to do the things in the same way. But we fail to make adaptations or change our habits in doing things. Our bad habits can block the way of creative thinking. Don’t think that, just because things happened in a certain way once before, that they will happen like that again.

  1. Change your way of thinking when you get older.

We have to learn to use our brain to children as they have more thinking power when we get older. Don’t worry about the myth of age. With the right stimulus and a passion for learning, you can improve your brain’s powers.

  1. See The Detail as Well as The Big Picture.

Try to keep the big picture in front of you while looking at details. It will help to put everything in its proper place and context.

  1. Think for Yourself.

Do not ever let others think and make the decisions for you. Therefore, you need to take the time to think and organize yourself before making a final determination. And also, do not let others tell you how to think and when others ask your opinion you need to tell them straight.

Once you have used the above techniques to develop creative thinking, it will help you to solve all your problems in your life.





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How to stand up to someone who takes advantage of you?

Adults respect each other.
In any community, the adults will have to comply with each other, and their individual rights, if not everybody will be facing problems due to lots of conflicts. In addition to respecting each other, the individuals will have to stop interfering into other people’s likes and dislikes or stop to correct each other. All in all, people should not cross the boundaries, the moment that someone crosses the boundaries that indicate that you are not respecting the opposite party.
Respect each other in intimate relationship
In a relationship between the husband and the wife, both of them will have to comply with each other’s desires and either the husband or the wife cannot force the individual desire on the other person that shows one person is trying to take advantage of the other. In an intimate relationship, in some culture, the husband has more rights than the wife, and he was allowed to enforce his wishes on her. But fortunately, things have improved in this day and age both are supposed to have equal rights, and also men are growing up having learned from the parents about respecting the other partner.
Parents take advantage of the kids

In some family’s parents have too many expectations when the kids are very young, and in some extreme cases, parents have full control over the children. It is because the parents think that my son will listen to me all the time. Therefore I will get him or her to do everything I like, but sometimes that will create a disastrous situation
Children do not respect parents.
Sometimes kids completely ignore the parent’s needs and take advantage of them and use them to fulfill their needs; this happens when the parents have become vulnerable. For example, if the couple is employed and go to work their parents are expected to help them out with their kids, all the time. In this day and age when the parents have small children and if they have to go to work, they need some real help from their grandparents, but they remember to keep their boundaries as well.
A business owner was taking advantage of the employees.
Some entrepreneurs benefit from the workers and do not pay reasonable wages, try and make use of them in their favor. But the business people do not realize that their business will suffer in the long run as the staff will keep leaving the work, and the business owner will spend more money on recruiting and training the new employees.
How are we going to deal with it?

In everyday life taking advantage of each other happens on a regular basis, especially people use when they see that can win a situation like that. Remember when someone steps over you, they think that respecting your boundary is not worth it. It is like someone asking you to do the task that is not in your job description.
Firstly, you have to analyze and accept that you have taken for granted, in the case of children parents taken for granted is not unusual and you got to understand that your kids are also going through maturity.
In a social and working environment, when someone steps over you, you have a right be respected, but remember it is easy for you to get vented with the other person, and it is not worth to react immediately need to think about your life and future. Be careful about mind reading, and you might be wrong in making false assumptions about the other person.

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Tips to Manage Depression

We all feel unhappy at some point in our lives, especially when we happened to face failures. Some of us do not know how to handle our failures, lose the capability to confront the challenge and fight against it. As a result, we become completely covered up in prolonged sadness and arrive at a conclusion that I cannot do anything and I am worthless and eventually come to a decision that you are depressed.

But remember before we come to know that we have to make sure that we are depressed, consult your doctor for the correct advice a doctor is the only person who can diagnose something like this as they are the only trained people to diagnose an illness. People talk to family members or friends and make the decision that they are depressed and sometimes they are embarrassed to accept any illness that has affected them. That way of thinking will not help you. Instead, it will make matters worse; you need not advertise your illness but have the courage to consult your doctor to seek to correct advise.

That said, I want to mention about the possible symptoms that you can have, to look for a physician’s advice.

  • Loss of appetite
  • Continuous sadness.
  • Negativity
  • Prolonged sadness
  • Living in fear all the time
  • Constant fatigue
  • Loss of interest in anything
  • Complete loss of confidence
  • Frequent thought of suicide
  • Want to be lonely.

Depression is the easily treatable medical condition, affects lots of young people in this day and age. Once you have decided that you have got at least five symptoms out of the above consulting a doctor is a sensible decision. There is nothing to be embarrassed about this condition, start talking to people who have affected by this condition and got some advice about it and attempt some day to day remedies as well.

Here are some tips for this as follows:

  • Take plenty of rest
  • Try to be happy spending time with some caring friends.
  • Healthy food.
  • Meditation
  • Learn to take care of yourself
  • Make a list of the things that you like to have.
  • Regular excise and pay attention to hygiene.
  • What are the things that will lift your mood?

Sometimes people become self-employed and work on their own for a long time without having any fun and they always stay at home in their night clothes does not help them to achieve either any success or any happiness. That leads to lose their joy and make them suffer from bad moods. In a case like that, they have to firstly should stop working long hours as it has never been good to work long hours but work smarter and shorter hours. When you wake up with unhappiness, it will be a good thing to go out for long walks and come back to take a shower and dress up that helps you to lift your mood. You have to do stuff like the above on a consistent basis to look for good results. By trying to lift your mood on a daily basis will help you to come out of the feeling of sadness, and in this way, you have to train yourself to be happy. In this way you should get yourself free from depression with the help of your doctor’s medication is a good start for recovery. You need to push yourself to have mind-set and determination to be happy by trying to forget the past adverse events.

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Involvement of others in your objectives will put you in your prison

What is your objective?
If you are planning to start a business, firstly make a mind map, about the type of business that you aim to start. Once you have a mind map, you will be wiser to put that in writing a business plan. Now you must be clear about what you are going to do and how are going to set your goals and whether you are going to involve someone to take part in the planning process. If you are going to have someone to work along with you, is different from allowing to get involved in your objectives if that happens, there are some people out there will try to take over and start making decisions, and you become trapped by that. Maybe your children even, they will try and do everything, and sometimes your arms will get damaged all what you will inherit is negativity and starting to doubt yourself. It is important that you have the positive attitude right from the beginning and do this on a consistent basis and set your objectives without depending on anyone.

Learn to set a target to achieve

When you are setting up a business, if the partnership not legalized, it will affect you in the long run. If the companies and ideas belong to you, it is the correct way you need to do the market research to look for a target audience and the ways that you will sell your product or services to reach them. The method involving marketing, then to decide as to how you will be able to achieve your aim.

Start working on it with the positive attitude.
When you start working on setting up a business the positive attitude and correct mindset is paramount. If you doubt yourself or your product, the chances of success are less, and it will be a waste of your precious time if you start with any doubts, after you have planned it very well and have gone all that way to set up the business, negativity should never set in.

Do not involve others but get help

When you Involve others beyond a certain limit, might try to take over and let you down do not ever forget that we all have strengths and weaknesses, therefore allowing others to get involved means you are giving an opportunity to use your weakness against you. If you are weak in some areas, research after research should help you learn about this field, or even can get professional help to learn about the things that you are not sure. It is crucial that you should not trust others to help you to come out your weakness, as should not be displaying your weakness when you have taken a big responsibility of running a business. That said, it is impossible to run a business without serious help, that should not be an involvement in your objectives as those are two separate things. If you have not been careful with the people, who have been helping you to grow your business that the result, you might be setting up your prison and trapped. In the event you have made a mistake and allowed someone to get involved in your objectives and nearly destroyed yourself, now it the time for you to think of the ways to come out of it.

How to break open your prison door?

Now you must be feeling “I am worthless I cannot do anything,” and this shows that you have not inspired yourself and have not appreciated your past achievements however small it may be. Bring back the memories of the past accomplishments, may be in school, initial job interviews and this will courage you to remember the many littler achievements. Now you have opened one door for you, and now it is the time for you to open the last door for you. Start planning. Think of ways. Talk to people. Be ready for a long struggle but with a firm resolve that you will achieve the goals. It will take you out of the prison of your thinking and make you a new person ready to fight.

Zero Limits

Do you EVER feel controlled by prior beliefs you have about yourself?
Do you ever say things to yourself like the ones below?
“I could never do that.”
“I’m not smart enough.”
“I’ll never be wealthy.”
“I’m always sick.”
“I’m too fat.”
“I’m unattractive.”
“If I start my own business I’ll fail”
“I can’t earn more than my parents.”
“I’m a loser.”
Or any other limiting beliefs and thoughts?

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How women in business keep balance between self-care & work

Female entrepreneurs are on the rise than before, lots of women prefer to work from home in this day and age as they are trying to balance work and life. But they tend to ignore self- care due to an enormous amount of issues they have to attend on a daily basis.  Many of the women business owners have a big dream of becoming successful and to have a high lifestyle

That said, for a woman to become successful or already a successful business woman is super busy, and they need to have a break from their hectic work at least a day of the week and get a bit of self- care. Most of the business women failed to realize that self- care is crucial to their wellbeing and if neglected that there is a chance that will lose everything. Therefore, keeping fit and loving life is important for everyone and especially for people who have little time in their hands.

These successful women in business have adopted a way to grow their activities and also looking after and supporting their families. If that is so, why are they not taking care of them? Therefore, the best way for them to organize their schedule of work and include these activities in their program and begin to enjoy their life as well. They have to stop thinking that success will not bring happiness and happiness come when you start to enjoy your success as well. I am sure if you have become successful that means you are doing what you love, that itself is a happiness but you need to relax as well. For example, you should keep yourself away from work and start to enjoy say going to the beach, or restaurants with your loved ones, going and relaxing with them listening to their stories will keep you away from your daily cumbersome activities.

Do not forget to remember if you are away from your work on a relaxation path it is an additional help to be more motivated and work harder than before as your batteries are charged again.

Working harder to become more and more successful will benefit you and your loved ones, but you need to take into account that self-care is not only necessary, but it is mandatory to keep your health in good condition. As far as the women are concerned, they give priority to work, and their last action will be taking care of them.

What is self-care?

People often think that self-care is to give themselves great gifts that are also a good thing in a way. But self-care has an association with physical and mental frustration in your hard work pattern, therefore relaxation is crucial to get the frustration out. You might be working hard and being successful will not give you overall happiness, and there is a chance that might frustrate you when you meet successful people enjoying their life as well.


It is important for a woman in business to take the time out to avoid the burnout.

When we are in business, we are expected to give the best to the clients, and cannot do that if we burn out ourselves.

Reduce the stress level

When we do something we like, it reduces our stress level and makes us feel happy physically, mentally and emotionally. Also when you take a day off from work, it not only relaxes your mind it also helps to remind you the things that you have missed out in your life and gives you an opportunity to focus more on your business as you have a relaxed mind.

By taking you away from work for a while on a weekly basis, you are refreshing your mind and spirit and will do the same for your business; as a result, your business will flourish.



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How to attain Self-Improvement and Loving Life?

We all go through hard times and try our level best to overcome that feeling that we have during our hard time. The best way is to make efforts to initiate self-improvement and avoid going to back to the hard times. You might have had hard times because of your mistakes or maybe because of your partner’s mistakes And the day you realize that there is no point in going over and over, by that you will be wasting more time and ruining your future life as well.
How are we going to attain self-improvement?
When we are ready to go for self-improvement, no one can force you to do things it should come from you If you think that you are ready for a change that itself is an improvement and start to put your old problems behind you. For example, if you had a hard time financially, you need to think and plan for ways to improve your financial situation, or if had marital issues, you need to think of ways to come out of that situation. If you have the willingness to change nobody can stop it, everything depends on your determination, the right mindset, and your attitude. Improving yourself is a sign of maturity and ready to face bigger challenges without fear.
Here are some useful tips to be optimistic and remove your negativity towards improving yourself.

Even in your past difficult times you would have had some things that gave some motivation to do, but you could not accomplish it due to some negative forces around you blocking you, surely now can offer it go to carry it out successfully. Now it is the proper time to keep practicing the thoughts of the changes that is going to benefit you and be an optimist despite the past dreadful happenings. These things happen to lots of people all the time, and they will not give up the hopes for a better life just because bad things happened in their life. You need to develop your resisting power to fight to overcome these things that affect people lives.
When you grow older you will be able to see things with a different attitude; will not be scared to face such hard times, as the time passes by you will know your strengths and weaknesses so that you will have a clear path to achieve your goal.

Never lose determination in loving life. The main force is loving life, that should take you to achieve your dreams and fulfill the purposes that you have put down for you. Do not ever lose your confidence even if you fail to get something that you have set for yourself instead keep trying until get it then you will love your life. All these will make you a stronger personality and drive you to perform better.
After all these you have attained your self-improvement and then love your life.

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I am an introvert no one really knows me.

What is an introvert?

A person likes to be on their own and enjoy the time, quite a person, thoughtful, observant, and keep their emotions private. And not comfortable among the large crowd of individuals. Introverts are good at writing because they can communicate well in writing. It said that the author of “Harry Potter” J K Rowling is an introvert because of the creative writing.

They are born as introverts, from the young age and will never change. They were told to come out of their shell to participate in the activities.

Does anyone become an introvert because of lost confidence?

It is not correct to say people become an introvert because lost the confidence; some introverts are super lucky, people like Abraham Lincoln, Barrack Obama, and Mahatma Gandhi, are great leaders power of introverts.

No one tries to understand you

Introverts are quiet people. Therefore, people find it difficult to understand or approach them, if they are bit smiley that means they are inviting people to contact them.

You do not want to disturb other people try and keep it to yourself

Introverts like to be independent, emotionally, physically and financially do not go for any help from others. They like personal freedom and autonomy. As an introvert do not want to burden others with your problems

Have introverts seen any success?

Introverts may be appreciated for their work, and get a pat on the shoulders but extroverts till command the show. As an Introvert, I am writing this, for anyone success does not come to you and you have to work hard to achieve that. If introverts see the success, they need to smile so that the people will not be put off to work with them, and it will not make the people think that an introvert doesn’t belong to the modern day personality that is the factor for the career success.

It is not unusual an introvert being ignored and overlooked because the others feel that they are not team players. I am sure as being an introvert that will not hurt you because you are surrounded by over confident extroverts with no understanding of the knowledge and skills of the introverts. Therefore, it is up to you to work out strategies to be heard and not overlooked, as the time goes on when you get used to this type of treatment from the others, you will learn to develop skills to enter into the better career path.

We live in a self-centred world.

People have no time to think about others like why this person like to be quite and alone all the time, and as a result, do not give the respect that needed to that person. Introverts are not  friendly people, and like to spend time on their own, which extraverts will not appreciate that are understandable as others do not have a chance to understand you. But an introvert likes to have the close set of friends and feel comfortable among the friends. I do not think that there is anything wrong with it. What one important thing as an introvert has to do is to keep away from the negative and toxic people as you will not be giving them a chance to undermine you.

Do introverts are unhappy because they cannot be like others?

There is no reason for them to be unhappy because they do not want to be like extroverts and they want to stick to their character. There might be occasions that do not want to show as an overconfident person as they do not wish to be like that. An introvert will be the last person to raise the hand in a discussion after an excellent preparation and lots of observation to submit the facts. That said, in this day and age the person who talks a lot will get noticed by everyone in the professional world. But getting noticed has nothing to with your success, which comes with hard work on a consistent basis. By better understanding your personality, however, you can learn how to play to your strengths.

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Why do some people worry all the time?

The problem starts with the fear, you imagine lots of bad things and start to worry without even realizing is it correct to worry about an issue. You do not give a chance to analyze the exact reasons or the truth behind your worries.

Some people think about the past mistakes and worry about it; you should be aware that everybody makes errors in some part of their life and if you keep on worrying about the past, then you cannot find a solution for it. If you continually think about the past, it doesn’t help you, and you can never go back to put it right, instead, make an opportunity to put things correctly that might make you happier than before. Worrying will destroy what you have at the moment.

There are some others might imagine negative things for the future and starts to worry, the result will be you will never have peace of mind and become an unhappy person. In the end, if you happened to do well in future you might be in a state of mind that will not be able to enjoy what you have achieved. The things that you imagine about might not be in existence or might not happen even, at the end you will realize that you are wasting precious time.

You have to live at present, think about the day to happenings, event and your life, and also you need to take action whenever is necessary. Plan your day to day life about the things that have to be done, set your goals to achieve those, if not remember if you keep worrying about the things that are beyond your control it is a waste of time.  When you are anxious and worried about something all the time the people around you will try to move away from you fearing that they might get into the habit as you and also you are making the situation worse for you and end up lonely. Then loneliness will be a bigger issue for you to handle, even that you have to learn new ways of coping with it.

It is not unusual for people to face failure in life, jobs or business and losing money, family and the job as well. If that happens it doesn’t help you constantly worry about it, take a break from all that for a while, then create a plan and take action, but patience and belief in yourself are important assuming that you are capable of getting back what you have lost or even maybe better off than before.

Things that you can make yourself busy and happy


Always try and do things that you like without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Keep yourself busy and help others without expecting anything back, maybe you are depressed now after worrying about unwanted things, when you come to that stage you will not feel like dressing up, meeting people and doesn’t like to go out. Now you have to realize that unnecessarily you are wasting your time and go back where were before you got into this bad habit.

Spend your time in trying to fix your past mistakes if possible.

Try and mix around with people of your type and spend some quality time with them.

Help your family if they need your help but do not expect anything back, this is you are doing to make you happy.

Do not idle anytime that will bring back bad memories and make you worry.

More than anything your determination plays a bigger part and tell your mind to stop worrying.

Constant unhappiness will give you loneliness. Therefore, you need to start looking for new groups and friendship for you to join and enjoy yourself.

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Inspired to be an educated individual

I will say that anyone to do well in life should start from your young age, that is when you are living with your parents. Parents play a big part in this dream of inspiring your children. To start with, parents set an example of living a life with lots of hope and inspirations. My inspiration came from my father even though the foundation was weak, but his motivation was high. To do well in life, you need a certain amount of support, if not you have to be incredibly intelligent to build a successful career. My father struggled so much to educate us but didn’t have any help. Therefore I admire his inspiration even today. Unfortunately, he didn’t achieve a lot of success due to small mistakes. You can have the inspiration, but you should not go to aim to the extreme if you do not have the proper backup. You need to have inspiration but develop it slowly, and determination is another important thing in life to be an educated individual.

You have to aim high there is no doubt in that but take things slowly and consistently, that will lead you to the correct path. That said all these, there are a lot of people out there do not have any inspiration they just come to a conclusion that they cannot do anything and they cannot be successful in life. Here I can show you two types of people who are over inspired and try anything and everything, but they fail due to lack of patience. But another kind there is no confidence at all for no reason apart from idleness, and they do not try anything, and they come to an assumption that they cannot do it and never be successful.

So how do we find a solution for it?

All of us will have to realize that without proper education we cannot go very far in our lives.  You start to go to school when you are young and then go into higher learning get yourself qualified because education is the only one thing will be with you forever. When you are a young person, it will not be a good idea to go into a business, and if you fail might be scarred for life. Why do you want to take that risk? The easiest and safest path is to educate yourself academically and also get the life experience at the same time. Then you can inspire yourself to go into other things that you couldn’t have done when you were young.

The young people who have lost their confidence at the early age itself will have to slowly come out of it to build up your emotional confidence. The important factor here is that you should not be scared of facing failure. Failures are the success of pillars, remember everybody fails in life, for example, my father was a complete failure, but he has made the bed for us to succeed in life, that is the biggest gift to us, and I am thinking about him every day in my life. He was the one who made me realize that the education is one of the most important things in our lives that is why I am writing this today.

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Communication is Key for Financial Goals in Relationships.


We all need money but always ensure not to be destroyed by it especially the relationships. You need to keep in mind money just comes to you and then leave you sooner or later, but your family stays with you forever. In families, there is a possibility for discussions about the money and becomes heated and destroys the families. Some people give preference to the money issue and forget about the relationships; they start to worry and become stressed once the damage did.

Money causes the breakup of marriages, due to many reasons, such as one partner is not earning much money and try to live out of other partner’s money, so the bigger earner becomes distressed. It could happen to anyone, and therefore the partner who doesn’t earn much money will have more free time and try and make use of the free time to help the family out in different ways. Like maintain the house, take the pressure off from the partner in making lots of contributions to the work around the house, shopping and cooking. At the same time, the bigger money maker needs to understand that the pressure has been taken off from her/him and try to develop some gratitude towards the other partner. In this day and age, lots of marriages have been affected by the issues of money, and couples get divorced due to money issues, it may be due to deficiency of finance. Or maybe when people have too much of money they spend it on wrong things and at the end of the day money is the cause of separation.

Money creates problems not only in couples but also among the siblings, parents, and children, in families where there is money. The parents will have to take the responsibility to have their clear views and try and divide their money assets among the children without allowing them to get involved, in a way that none of them gets affected. If the parents make a mistake, there will be significant issues among the siblings, and the whole family gets divided. You as parent’s failure to take care of the settlement of the problems with the money might affect everyone for their lifetime and might go beyond the first generation as well. Therefore, we all have to realize that the money is so powerful to destroy lives if proper attention not taken. The children also have to take the responsibility of maintaining the peace in their home front without leaving everything entirely to your parents, and I am sure you will not like to give your parents grief just because the money without realizing that they have made these funds for you.

People need to understand the fact that it is not easy to earn money, the hard work and persistence bring in the money.  Two people are getting together starting to live as a couple. Both work hard, and one seems to be a spender, and the other appear to be a safer if that is the case they bound to have problems. It is easy to fail but difficult to succeed unless you work towards your goal, in the same way, this spender and saver couple need to have discussions about their spending habits and set up a weekly budget and come to an agreement in organizing their spending pattern by following up the budget. Otherwise, they will face serious issues and tend to go in different ways, to overcome a situation like that it is crucial to have proper amicable communication between them.  When people have long-term habits, it is not easy to break down or change your habits overnight, here again, need to have good communication, understanding and valuing each other’s happiness becomes the priority.

Communication is an essential part of any peaceful, happy relationships, one of the reasons for the breakdown of any relationship is the lack of communication. Two or more people are involved in any relationship, may have different personalities and with different beliefs and goals, the one thing stops from any conflict is to communicate with each other in a passive manner.

Communication is king, regarding goals, finances, fears and concerns will bring the people involved close to each other or at least there will be better understanding among them.

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