The New Things I Experienced When I Visited Sri Lanka

Beach in Colombo

My name is Sara Param, and I was born in Jaffna in the Northern part of Sri Lanka and grew up there, mostly in Colombo, which is the capital. I studied there, then got married and moved to England. Sri Lanka is a small island on its own, not part of India, surrounded by the sea. The majority of the people who live there are the Sinhalese and then the Tamils, who are minorities and then the Muslim people. The main religions in the country are Buddhism for the Sinhalese people, Hinduism for the Tamil people and then Islam for the Muslim people, but we also have many Christians in the Sinhalese and Tamil peoples. The weather is always hot there, and it rains in the months from October to January every year. As far as the food is concerned, the main meal for all Sri Lankan people is rice and curry; the people eat string hoppers, bread, hoppers and some other traditional food for the breakfast, rice and curry for lunch and the dinner again the same traditional foods. The people used to have three meals a day. Sri Lanka is a hot country, particularly this year 2016 has reached the highest temperature for the past 135 years. When I was there I struggled so much and I couldn’t wait to leave. I went the at wrong time, best time is between April & December

City Break


I went to Sri Lanka after exactly two years, but the last time I went, in March 2014, to see a relative who has been severely ill, I did not feel the heat that much. I flew with Sri Lankan airlines, and it is one of the long straight flights, and about half the people were English people from England. I was not sure as to who was coming to meet me at the airport, but at the end, I got to know that Mary, who looks after my sister, was coming to meet me at the airport. She took me home by an air-conditioned coach that was quite nice. When I went I had a wash and Mary served me the food that she had prepared for me; it was delicious, and I went to sleep straight after that. Then, the following morning, Mary took me to the shopping centre where we walked around looking at the buildings, market, restaurants, and the shops. Mary is such a nice person; she cares for everybody so much and does her work very well. Sri Lanka may not be a prosperous country today, as the country got almost destroyed by the war. I would say after all these decades of trouble, the country has developed a lot, I saw many, many new buildings, and the streets were immaculate, I could hardly see any rubbish on the roads. But, having said that, some communities among the majority of Sri Lanka are still poorer than the minority people of Sri Lanka. The minority of Sri Lanka are Tamil people, and they are supposed to be a hard working community. Therefore, most of them have comfortable lifestyle there. I did not see many beggars on the streets of Colombo asking for help unlike in India. Colombo city has good shopping places, where you can find things at reasonably affordable prices for the locals.

Visit to other state

Temple festival

I was in Sri Lanka for nine days, and I could not bear the heat at all, I stayed in Colombo, Sri Lanka’s capital for one night and then I went to Northern Province of Sri Lanka, to the city of Jaffna where the Tamil people originated. A coach was arranged to pick me up from my sister’s flat in Colombo where I stayed one night and we travelled by bus to Jaffna for nine hours; the seating was not perfect, and it was a bit cramped, I was not feeling comfortable.  One of our neighbour’s sons who frequently goes to see his dad in Jaffna, came with me, as I was not able to give the directions to the driver to go to my sister’s house in the village. We left Colombo at 7 pm, and we reached our destination by 3 am the following morning, all the dogs started barking for the other people to be aware of the visitors coming into the area. My other sister and her husband were staying in their house, and I was taken inside and got offered a cup of tea at that time of the morning. I had the cup of tea and then I was ready to go to bed as I was tired and wanted to fall asleep. No one disturbed me or woke me up as I felt drained and I slept for about six hours then I got up. I could hear people talking, and they were coming and going in and out. I was given a good breakfast when I woke up, some people came to see me, we talked for a long time but at the same time I couldn’t bear the heat. My sister is putting up another small house next to her house where we were staying, and the builders were there, and the air was full of dust and sand everywhere, all sorts of rubbish on the ground outside the house. The house has a good piece of land with plenty of trees and coconut trees in the compound. It was unfortunate that I couldn’t enjoy the sophisticated as it was extremely messy and full of rubbish due to the builders working on the house

The reason, for them to put up a smaller place was, they wanted someone living there all the time as my sister travels a lot, as there is a possibility that someone could force themselves into her primary residence. Even though the buildings are looking better, the individuals feel insecure when they are left alone, especially the people with some money. In spite of all these, the visit to Sri Lanka is memorable and enjoyable.

I hope whoever reading this article will decide to make a visit to the country, do not worry you will have a wonderful time.


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