Communication is Key for Financial Goals in Relationships.


We all need money but always ensure not to be destroyed by it especially the relationships. You need to keep in mind money just comes to you and then leave you sooner or later, but your family stays with you forever. In families, there is a possibility for discussions about the money and becomes heated and destroys the families. Some people give preference to the money issue and forget about the relationships; they start to worry and become stressed once the damage did.

Money causes the breakup of marriages, due to many reasons, such as one partner is not earning much money and try to live out of other partner’s money, so the bigger earner becomes distressed. It could happen to anyone, and therefore the partner who doesn’t earn much money will have more free time and try and make use of the free time to help the family out in different ways. Like maintain the house, take the pressure off from the partner in making lots of contributions to the work around the house, shopping and cooking. At the same time, the bigger money maker needs to understand that the pressure has been taken off from her/him and try to develop some gratitude towards the other partner. In this day and age, lots of marriages have been affected by the issues of money, and couples get divorced due to money issues, it may be due to deficiency of finance. Or maybe when people have too much of money they spend it on wrong things and at the end of the day money is the cause of separation.

Money creates problems not only in couples but also among the siblings, parents, and children, in families where there is money. The parents will have to take the responsibility to have their clear views and try and divide their money assets among the children without allowing them to get involved, in a way that none of them gets affected. If the parents make a mistake, there will be significant issues among the siblings, and the whole family gets divided. You as parent’s failure to take care of the settlement of the problems with the money might affect everyone for their lifetime and might go beyond the first generation as well. Therefore, we all have to realize that the money is so powerful to destroy lives if proper attention not taken. The children also have to take the responsibility of maintaining the peace in their home front without leaving everything entirely to your parents, and I am sure you will not like to give your parents grief just because the money without realizing that they have made these funds for you.

People need to understand the fact that it is not easy to earn money, the hard work and persistence bring in the money.  Two people are getting together starting to live as a couple. Both work hard, and one seems to be a spender, and the other appear to be a safer if that is the case they bound to have problems. It is easy to fail but difficult to succeed unless you work towards your goal, in the same way, this spender and saver couple need to have discussions about their spending habits and set up a weekly budget and come to an agreement in organizing their spending pattern by following up the budget. Otherwise, they will face serious issues and tend to go in different ways, to overcome a situation like that it is crucial to have proper amicable communication between them.  When people have long-term habits, it is not easy to break down or change your habits overnight, here again, need to have good communication, understanding and valuing each other’s happiness becomes the priority.

Communication is an essential part of any peaceful, happy relationships, one of the reasons for the breakdown of any relationship is the lack of communication. Two or more people are involved in any relationship, may have different personalities and with different beliefs and goals, the one thing stops from any conflict is to communicate with each other in a passive manner.

Communication is king, regarding goals, finances, fears and concerns will bring the people involved close to each other or at least there will be better understanding among them.

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