How to Control Your Spending Habit?


We work hard all throughout the year and look forward to our festivals to have a good time and enjoy Christmas. We have to make sure that we are happy doing our Christmas shopping and will use everything that we have bought for us, to be happy during festival time. Let us remind ourselves we do not want to be unhappy during and after the festival. Therefore, we have to keep in mind to start to draw the lines where you have to stop. The unhappiness starts mostly due to financial issues when you realize that we have been overspending, the money you didn’t have or maybe have utilized all your savings that you have been keeping for your emergencies.

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In other words, when it comes to the question of how to stop spending money, the biggest problem is the process of achieving your goal to learn to live within your means. These things could happen to anyone, due to poor decision making as far as the purchases are concerned. For example, if your income is hundred dollars and you have spent ninety-nine dollars out of it, you will be pleased and at the same time if you have paid hundred and ten dollars the result is misery. Therefore, we have to learn to live within our means, but it is easier said and done as everyone cannot do the same way. That’s why, in my opinion, when you’re looking for advice on how to stop spending money you need to consider setting a goal for your spending habit to change well before the festival time.  There are many ways to keep an eye on your purchases; those tips are as follows.

Keep a Purchase Record


To have a control over your weekly expenses, record your purchases on a daily basis, you will have to allocate a suitable time to make those entries in your book, maybe before you go to bed. Then at the end of every week, you can get the totals of your expenses, it might help if you also learn to analyze your costs, then you will be able to find and avoid unnecessary expenses. It is important to maintain this as one of your habits on a consistent basis. You will get the results in the long run, and you are going to benefit from it.

Exercise mind control


I was a big spender during my early years of marriage, and my partner has never stopped me from buying unnecessary things. I didn’t have anyone to question me, I was working and making fairly good money, so shopping was my real fun especially clothes and other personal stuff. After years had gone by, I started to realize, that I was just wasting money, was thinking that I have to put a stop to it. So, started to stay at home without going to shops a lot that helped me to reduce my unnecessary expenses. If you have spent a lot of money in the past and accumulated lots of debt, one of the ways is to stop going to places where you will be tempted to spend money. You can develop a passion without spending money and spend your time and enjoy yourself that way, will help to reduce your expenses.

Always use cash for purchases.

Lots of people out there are trying to come out of credit cards debts,  one of the reasons for them to have fallen into debt is using the credit card for all their purchases. When you use the credit card to buy things, it doesn’t make you feel guilty or scared, but when use cash, you will feel uncomfortable and cut your purchases. You will feel that you don’t want to give all the money that have in your wallet, as you want to carry around cash with you all the time. Therefore, stop using credit cards and use cash for your purchases, that will be another tip to help you to save your money.

Take time to decide on your purchases.

When you see something that you like to have, but quickly sit back and think let me wait to discuss this with my partner to see whether it is a good product for me. When you give yourself time to make a decision, you might come to a conclusion that product is not that great, and I am happy that I have not purchased it. When decisions are made immediately, especially with money, you are bound to regret and do not want to give it back also. So, the result is the money wasted on an unwanted item. If we all learn to control our minds, there will be lots of joy in our lives.

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