How to Find Joys in the Workplace and Loving Life?


I still remember, how I was trying to get a job when was living in the city when I was working on my own. A friend wrote my resume and tried and got me a job through recommendations. I felt so proud and liked my first; I was still trying to complete my accountancy exams, at the last stages. My trainer was my husband, but at that time, I just met him at the workplace. I was still very young and loved my life so much due to all these new things were happening in my life and a joyful time at my workplace.
I was young and working hard with my exams so that I could use my full potential in my job; I suppose all the kids out there would have been like me. When you are young, you can work hard, set a goal and try and achieve because will not have any hindrances and you will be able to love your life as well.
Red Warning

images-2When you get a new job it will be an excitement to start with, and you will be happy and enjoy your life, but if you stay at the same job, boredom will start to set in. The time you walk into your office, you will be doing the same thing over and again, will not be learning new things at your workplace. You may be even thinking of leaving your job and move onto somewhere else you find some new things to do, but this is not uncommon, these things happen in everybody’s life.
There are lots people out there in your situation as you, before even thinking of leaving, you need to any possible changes that you can make on your job of course of your boss, and the last thing is the thought of the resignation letter. If you find some ways to make your place happier for you, might stay till you find a better solution to move on. If you have a look at the following tips below, you might reconsider your thought and stay on with joy and love your life.
Apply for an alternative or better position.
If you are bored of doing the same type of work, you can try and change your area of work using your same skills; that might interest you. The other best option, acquire some more qualifications and request a promotion in your job, that will make you feel you love your life.
Make a change in your routine

images Plan your work in such a way; the work pattern will change; you can do the interesting part of your job when you are starting your day toil your lunch time and then have some discussions about work after lunch hours. If you have to attend to clients, meet them after your dinner, make them feel happy that will make you feel happy in return. All in all, change the priority of your order, to avoid becoming bored of your work.
Make your office area entertaining
You need to get your office cleaner to keep your area tidy, get flowers for your office, entertain your clients within your office if you are allowed. Try and get along with your colleagues in a better way, so that you will happier within you. Have beautiful family photos around you. You should also have some stress relievers handy, like balls, a piece of a puzzle game and anything that can help you last your day at work.
Keep good relationship with co-workers.

careres It will help you to make you feel relaxed, you can do this on your breaks, you don’t need to discuss your issues with work, have fun with the other’s talking about things not related to work. You can go out for lunch, brief shopping or look around some interesting things with t your colleagues during breaks.
Talk to your boss about work related issues.
Never keep your problems to yourself for a long time, you have tried all that I have mentioned above, and if you are still not happy, you have to bring it up with your immediate boss. You have to remember, support of other people are also crucial if you are not satisfied it will be difficult to last long in your job. Therefore, try and find the immediate solution, and proof yourself that you can love your life and also love you job that you are doing. Now you like your job, but you have to find out whether this job is helping you to prosper in your life just because like you cannot stick to it for life. As such, you got plan yourself carefully and try to move but make sure that you will like the new one and love our life as well.

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