How Important is Receiving Acceptance from People Around you.


It makes anyone happy when they get the feeling, that they got accepted by their family members, workplace and the society they have the relationship on a regular basis. Acceptance helps the people to maintain great relationships.

The feeling of acceptance is the basic need for anyone; they feel better when they feel accepted by the wider society, say for a politician, need for being taken is crucial. In a household, both partners should be able to have a feeling of acceptance and liked by each other, failing there will be a disastrous result.

How do you make sure that your household has accepted you?

If you have some issues and you will get a feeling, that I want to discuss this with my spouse. When you start to get advice, if your wife, listens and communicates with you and also show concerns about it that show she accepts you.  When someone listens to you, your thoughts expressed and valued, and their responses will give you a sense of extraordinary.

How will you feel if you have to face the following circumstances?

When you are speaking someone interrupts you unnecessarily and not listening properly.

Your boss doesn’t want to listen and starts to talk when you are trying to explain.

When you are working to say something to someone doesn’t want to listen to you.

If you are trying to have a discussion with your family but no positive responses from any of them.

It will be obvious that you are not wanted, as your thoughts, concerns are not creating any effect on anyone, and last but not least you are taken for granted and you have no value to give away.

When children were growing up, they should have a feeling of acceptance starting with the mother, father, and the rest of the family,s they grow up and go to school, should get a sense of acceptance by the teachers and the rest of the society.  Starting from the childhood feeling of acceptance is imperative for any human being. If not, anyone can get that have taken for granted and not accepted by anyone, that might end up with disastrous results.

Some babies got abandoned by the mother from the day the baby was born. If, so, the child will grow up somewhere with no real affection, and become emotionally affected. The child will have a feeling of rejection that people around the child will discriminate this child, as the result the child will start to protect himself that end up in violence.

Imagine a person who has inherited a feeling of rejection will escalate as the time goes on and turn involvement and hostile, the reason behind this to protect themselves. The sense of rejection doesn’t go away, the fear of rejection will be there with someone forever, it will be difficult to keep their aggressiveness under control. A person, who have had a feeling of resentment, they will continue to feel the same, and they will always have a sense of resentment, and it will continue to escalate as they meet more and more resentments.

Some people show the acceptance expecting something in return from them, that will create a lot of resentment from the individual who is, receiving the approval. There are lots of people within the family, show acceptance to a family member, because they want to use that person for their help in their problems. Therefore, this type of recognition is not worth for the individual who is getting it, if that is not unconditional acceptance.

Recognition makes someone, makes you feel stronger, happier and confident and grows as a better person in their life. Then they realize the value of acceptance and want to give the same to other people. As a result, there will be rejection and violence among the population in society. Giving unconditional acceptance to someone means you are helping that person to feel valued and more self-esteem and in return, you will be appreciated, admired and respected for that.

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