Love yourself first to Love the Others After.

i-741513__180You have to love yourself first, and then you love others if you love yourself only will look after yourself, when taking care of yourself you will have emotional happiness, physically fit and financially well off.

Loving yourself does not mean dressing up nicely and going out all the time with your friends, these things do not come under loving yourself. By doing the way I mentioned above is just having fun and spending your time happily. But when you come back to your house you will start to feel lonely and unhappy; no one can live with that sort of happiness all the time.  You have to take care of your emotions. First, you have to do things that will make your inner mind happy.

Doing What you like Helps you to Love Yourself.


I am going to talk about myself here; I am not a young person and do not have to work for my living, but love to write, or do some other tasks all the time, but nothing useless as want to leave what I am doing as a legacy to my children. I am a person who does not like to go out all the time as I think that I will be wasting a lot of money for a little happiness at that point. That said I love my work it makes me feel happy, so I do it. That does not mean that I am not living for others as well, they are my children and I need to help them to do well in their life. But I make sure that I will not miss out on my happiness that doing the work for my readers and me makes my inner emotions happy and make myself feel proud of what am doing, and that leads to I loving myself. If stop doing what I like I will be depressed, then I will not be able to love myself, and eventually, will become a useless person, and will lose the capability of loving the others around me as well.

I make sure that my inner mind is protected all the time by way of thinking about my achievements, and I understand that so many people like my writing, all these things make my inner mind to love myself.

Keep Healthy to Love Yourself

Love you 4

Another way of enjoying yourself, take care of your body and keep yourself healthy so that you will be able to do anything you like at any time without any limitations. Having a healthy and fit body mean, that you can have a healthy and enjoyable life, and love yourself.

Think Positive

You should always learn to think positively. As a result, you will have so many advantages; therefore, this attitude will give you a positive change in your life, and helps you to escape negativity. If you are thinking of achieving a positive goal thinking is crucial and will be able to get everything with the positive attitude, and you will love yourself.

There are lots of needs are there, those are home, food and money to live, it is not unnatural that you become concerned about those. But you got to learn to cope up with that situation and start to think positively that makes you a better and confident person so that you will be able to love your life.

You have to think about your life first if you cannot live with confidence and happiness how will you expect the world to change. This way, despite the weary situation that you face with, you can still find some light and reasons to smile and act kindly to be able to face the days ahead with the right attitude and a brighter outlook.






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