How to make your Public Speech a Success?

Public speaking is the very useful skill if you do it correctly, but usually people panic, to make the speech in front of the audience. Some people try and avoid the opportunities they get, but if you want to be successful professional, politicians, entrepreneur, this skill is needed, and you should have good practice about it to come out of the fear. When you are starting to speak, give a confident introduction and also you should be able to captivate the attention of the audience within five minutes from the outset, remember people are not keen on listening to statistical data of the topics, but they like to hear about the individuals and their stories.

Presentations are held to motivate, educate, and humour should be added to the display to get the attention of the audience. I am an introvert, and I have never made any speeches in public apart from one or two lines in front of my colleagues, that even asking questions about the discussion they have about some subjects, but I have regretted that I have missed that in my professional career.

That said, most people become terrified when they are starting their speeches but once they start and continue with their rhetoric they try to forget the fear and deliver the speech with little confidence. In my experience, if you read and write a lot, your communication skills will improve, and there is a good chance that you become a good speaker as well.

When you are making a speech you might become nervous, and that will create an adverse effect on your statement, therefore, should take regular breaths while you are making your speech that will reduce the tightness in the chest. When you become nervous your muscles will contract and create a feeling of tightness in your chest, so, before you start to make a speech you take few breaths and relax. If you become nervous, you will forget what you have got to say, and the people will start to notice that from your body language.

When you are delivering your speech, try not to look into people’s eyes, as that will make you nervous as the person’s eye might make you think that this person is not impressed with my speech. Therefore, avoid looking straight into people’s eyes and try to focus in on the eyes and the forehead, but you got to make sure that you do not want the people to think that you are not looking at them. I do not believe that it’s  a good idea to worry about other people’s opinion when you are delivering the speech, and you have to learn to do your best. Maybe you will be nervous on one or two occasions and keep doing you will overcome the nervousness.

It is always planned ahead about what you are going to talk about, but at the same time, you should not memorize your speech that will look like a robotic making it, therefore adding humour into the presentation is crucial that will not make the people feel bored.   Trying to be humorous will make the people to get attracted towards you but not too much of humour, further having some notes will be useful for you, in the event you miss out some important issues when you are delivering the speech.

When a person is starting to make a speech may be someone who doesn’t have lots of experience and confidence need to start slowly and build up the speed as it goes on because you might be having a time limit.

I hope this article helps you to deliver a quality public speech.

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