Success comes after mistakes

Do you want to know how people become successful after facing failure and defeat?

We are all humans, make mistakes all the time, maybe you are very smart and meticulous person. Still, you might end up making mistakes and feel failed and defeated.

But my questions are if you happened to make mistakes and fail: –

Is it going to stop you from trying it again and accomplish success?

Is it going to stop you from trying and become a fearful defeated person?

Are you going to think about the mistakes and live with regrets and waste your life?

In my opinion, you should never consider that as a mistake that has ruined your life, instead consider that as a loss just you experienced and used that knowledge to learn more of the things that you want to achieve in life, it is important to stop thinking about it.  If you continuously think about the defeat, it will not take you anywhere. Instead, you are self-sabotaging yourself. First of all, you have to look for ways for self-improvement, as success has a serious connection with self-improvement. Here I want to mention my personal experience, when I was growing up, didn’t have any confidence or support of any type, nurtured my confidence after facing many failures, never believed that I have the luck to become successful, this kind of negative thoughts almost blocked my progress. That is the reason I am writing this from my experience, failures after failure will lead you to success, the fact is, never gives up on your hard work and your dreams.

I am not asking you to forget it completely, but ask yourself and analyze the following facts and write down the answers.

I know that I have not planned it very well before starting it.

I didn’t foresee the difficulties in my actions.

I have done things before so, what is the reason for my failure now?

If I am deciding to attempt again, how will I do it?

Do I need extra training in that?

Maybe I failed because I didn’t have enough support.

Am I going to look for help this time?

I remember I didn’t set my goal correctly. How well I can do this time to achieve my aim?

Am I going to follow the same procedure in doing things when I was successful?

10.Can I take some time off from all these new ventures for a while and start all over again.

You need to take a chance to evaluate the questions and facts, without putting it off forever, before taking action again. Of course, you need time to recover from the defeat, but do not give up on it and also do not let others make you lose confidence. There are a lot of people out there will always be ready to undermine you when they see you defeated in something. So, the best way to come out of it is to keep away from them and again use that as an inspiration for you to work harder and smarter but start to believe in yourself that you can do it.

Once you have reset your mind you can start to take action towards your goal, bearing in mind when falling need to get up otherwise you will be lying on the ground forever. When you are starting to recover your loss again keep a log of all the work you do at present and compare and analyze with what you have done in the past. Remember that you will not see successful people in this world if they have given up quickly after a defeat. It is not unusual; the successful people will not give up; they will continue to work hard towards their goal until getting the results that they wanted. Free up your mind from fear and have a determination to work hard on a consistent basis without looking back on your failure. You can turn your failures, defeats, and mistakes into success if you apply the facts that I mentioned above.

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