Stop Worrying about The Mistakes You Make but Learn from it.

Every human on this planet is bound to make mistakes, but we have to make sure that we are not repeating those, but we learn from it in our daily life. You can see the successful people have made lots of mistakes in their life, but they are bright enough to put those behind and used it as a learning curve and become very successful in their life.

Mistakes in the past

In my past life, I think from the age of nineteen I have been making mistakes, always done things in a wrong way due to lack of proper guidance and later on I was lucky to meet some real people in my life, and they have helped me to become successful in my life. My father always thought that I was brilliant and expected me to reach good standards in education, but have fulfilled his ambitions to a certain extent, and I am proud of it. But could have done better in my life, and I kept worrying about it. At some point, I realized that I should stop worrying about the past as you cannot put the past straight and find some other ways to correct the mistakes that you have been making in the past if that is possible but also learn to stop making them again. Worrying will not help you, and if you continue to worry it will become an addiction and at some point, you will start to imagine the wrong things and start to worry. As a result, your health will get affected.

Stop Worrying about it

If you continuously worry about the past mistakes that might lead you to get depressed, and you will unconsciously become addicted to it, instead use the experience of failure, in investing in other things that might help you to achieve what you want to make. We have to think of these negative emotions and past events in our lives as something to learn and let go off, I have seen some people cannot come out of the past, it is a sign of sadness.

Expensive Experience.

For example, I started my first business and experienced a significant failure, due to the complete lack of planning, knowledge about running a business and financial control was not properly implemented. I allowed my husband to be in charge of the firm without realizing his illness. So, that was a huge mistake made by me, and it took years to recover from the losses, but I managed to come out of it after years of struggle and to have a better financial status after all that, partly because of the help that I got from my son.

When you are making some mistakes, you should have some support from your family or reliable friends. Otherwise, you have struggled on your own. Likewise, in a family the husband, wife and also if they have kids, they have to be supportive to each other to correct and learn from the mistakes they make in everyday life. You as a father if you see that your son is making a mistake that is going to affect his future, you cannot ignore as he will end up as a big worrier and at the end of the day eventually ruins his life. So, approach him in a nicer way try and explain to him the consequences of the mistakes on a consistent basis so that it will help to learn his mistake and correct himself in the long run. When the children grow up, they will look back and feel proud of you for having helped them to go in the proper direction.

Avoid Addiction to worry

Having said all these, I am the worrier, and I imagine lots of bad things and worry about it but do not speak to anybody about it. In the end, I try and find ways to change my mind, forget the evil thoughts and tell myself that I am stupid, and worrying unnecessarily and put a stop to it. I will not expect everybody to be like this, but some people need to talk to someone so that they could feel better. At the end of the day, you have to do what suits you better, and the main thing is to stop worrying unnecessarily. Remember, if you keep worrying about your past mistakes you are making another mistake of affecting your health, that is going to be the biggest loss for you and your family.


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