How to stand up to someone who takes advantage of you?

Adults respect each other.
In any community, the adults will have to comply with each other, and their individual rights, if not everybody will be facing problems due to lots of conflicts. In addition to respecting each other, the individuals will have to stop interfering into other people’s likes and dislikes or stop to correct each other. All in all, people should not cross the boundaries, the moment that someone crosses the boundaries that indicate that you are not respecting the opposite party.
Respect each other in intimate relationship
In a relationship between the husband and the wife, both of them will have to comply with each other’s desires and either the husband or the wife cannot force the individual desire on the other person that shows one person is trying to take advantage of the other. In an intimate relationship, in some culture, the husband has more rights than the wife, and he was allowed to enforce his wishes on her. But fortunately, things have improved in this day and age both are supposed to have equal rights, and also men are growing up having learned from the parents about respecting the other partner.
Parents take advantage of the kids

In some family’s parents have too many expectations when the kids are very young, and in some extreme cases, parents have full control over the children. It is because the parents think that my son will listen to me all the time. Therefore I will get him or her to do everything I like, but sometimes that will create a disastrous situation
Children do not respect parents.
Sometimes kids completely ignore the parent’s needs and take advantage of them and use them to fulfill their needs; this happens when the parents have become vulnerable. For example, if the couple is employed and go to work their parents are expected to help them out with their kids, all the time. In this day and age when the parents have small children and if they have to go to work, they need some real help from their grandparents, but they remember to keep their boundaries as well.
A business owner was taking advantage of the employees.
Some entrepreneurs benefit from the workers and do not pay reasonable wages, try and make use of them in their favor. But the business people do not realize that their business will suffer in the long run as the staff will keep leaving the work, and the business owner will spend more money on recruiting and training the new employees.
How are we going to deal with it?

In everyday life taking advantage of each other happens on a regular basis, especially people use when they see that can win a situation like that. Remember when someone steps over you, they think that respecting your boundary is not worth it. It is like someone asking you to do the task that is not in your job description.
Firstly, you have to analyze and accept that you have taken for granted, in the case of children parents taken for granted is not unusual and you got to understand that your kids are also going through maturity.
In a social and working environment, when someone steps over you, you have a right be respected, but remember it is easy for you to get vented with the other person, and it is not worth to react immediately need to think about your life and future. Be careful about mind reading, and you might be wrong in making false assumptions about the other person.

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