Loving Life with Too Much Stress

In this day and age, people are busy, working to maintain their families financially. It is a daily routine in most of the families where the husband and the wife go to work, leaving their children with nanny or childcare centres. If this the case, they will bound to have stress in their lives and may be facing too much pressure and we have to look at the ways that they have to manage their stress.

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What is stress management?

If you do not learn to manage your stress properly, there will be problems within the family. Therefore, you need to have good discipline in your daily routine.  I was working all the time with two children; I had to get up early make the breakfast for everyone and make sure that they had their proper breakfast before they went to school. Got them dressed and dropped them at school and went to work the only facility I had was that I always had a flexible job time wise as I was in the finance field. Then I used to finish my work and straight go to school to collect them, and when we all arrived at a home, I used to give them some snacks and allow them to play with some close friends whom I knew very well. Then I used to start my cooking for dinner, and once I finished my food, get them, and we all sit together and go through their school work as to what they have done on that day and homework. Once that was done I used to give them the dinner and try and send them to bed. It was my daily routine for five days of the week. Imagine how stressful it would have been for but I successfully managed, and now I see my children as well educated, have good jobs and settled in their lives happily. Therefore, you need to understand a life will have all sorts of stresses, and we have to discipline ourselves and manage it successfully. The crucial point here is, I was never felt frustrated with all I was doing instead was happy and loved with I was doing for my kids as one of the primary duties, that made me love my life with all that hard work. When you get stressed through hard work, you have to think that is going through this stress because are helping your family, but the only thing you have put your family before you at some point in your life without getting frustrated.

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Apart from all I what I said above some people faced stress at work in addition to the pressure at home, was lucky never had any stress at work and used to get along with anybody but I couldn’t go to a higher level due to too much of commitments in my hands. We have to accept we go to work to have a better lifestyle, and it becomes a stress, learn to avoid such situations or keep away from negative people.  But you have to make sure that the stress created by others for you is not affecting your health, you need to have good health, and you can love you and your life under any circumstances. If you think that your work stress is creating health issues, you need to have discussions with your management and if that doesn’t help you, start thinking about moving on.

How do you cope up with work stress to love your life?

When you finish work look out for places that you can enjoy yourself and also make it a practice to forget the bad things that have been happening all day and get on with your enjoyment. Remember most of these things depends on your mind-set. If you are a too busy person, and your lifestyle is causing health problems, then you have to rethink your priorities. The chronic stress can lead to type 2 diabetes and then increase chances to develop heart disease.

It is a well-known fact that people work very hard to maintain the good family life but times are getting tougher every day, and job losses and business closures are increasing. If this continues, people will hold on to the jobs that they have got in their hands even if it is causing them unfit and unhealthy.

If you think that you are in a stressful situation, have to focus on making you happy to get a lot of relief from those stressful situations. You will be in a better position if you follow these steps:


You need to do the exercise on a daily basis to get the relief from your work stress, and this will keep you fit. You will feel better about yourself and stay healthy.

Eat healthy

If you keep eating the junk food, it will make you unhealthy, and by eating healthy food will keep you fit and healthy and as a result, will have enough energy to challenge any stress that you may face at your workplace.

Entertain yourself

It is important that you keep yourself happy by trying to do things that you have been longing for a while and also reward yourself after a hard day’s work. What you love doing is the most important aspect for you, to bring back the energy that you might have lost during your stressful time at work. By doing all the above things, you will love you and your life even with lots of stress around.

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Always set a time for you to love you and love life that is not hard to accomplish if you decide on it.







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