Why do some people worry all the time?

The problem starts with the fear, you imagine lots of bad things and start to worry without even realizing is it correct to worry about an issue. You do not give a chance to analyze the exact reasons or the truth behind your worries.

Some people think about the past mistakes and worry about it; you should be aware that everybody makes errors in some part of their life and if you keep on worrying about the past, then you cannot find a solution for it. If you continually think about the past, it doesn’t help you, and you can never go back to put it right, instead, make an opportunity to put things correctly that might make you happier than before. Worrying will destroy what you have at the moment.

There are some others might imagine negative things for the future and starts to worry, the result will be you will never have peace of mind and become an unhappy person. In the end, if you happened to do well in future you might be in a state of mind that will not be able to enjoy what you have achieved. The things that you imagine about might not be in existence or might not happen even, at the end you will realize that you are wasting precious time.

You have to live at present, think about the day to happenings, event and your life, and also you need to take action whenever is necessary. Plan your day to day life about the things that have to be done, set your goals to achieve those, if not remember if you keep worrying about the things that are beyond your control it is a waste of time.  When you are anxious and worried about something all the time the people around you will try to move away from you fearing that they might get into the habit as you and also you are making the situation worse for you and end up lonely. Then loneliness will be a bigger issue for you to handle, even that you have to learn new ways of coping with it.

It is not unusual for people to face failure in life, jobs or business and losing money, family and the job as well. If that happens it doesn’t help you constantly worry about it, take a break from all that for a while, then create a plan and take action, but patience and belief in yourself are important assuming that you are capable of getting back what you have lost or even maybe better off than before.

Things that you can make yourself busy and happy


Always try and do things that you like without incurring unnecessary expenses.

Keep yourself busy and help others without expecting anything back, maybe you are depressed now after worrying about unwanted things, when you come to that stage you will not feel like dressing up, meeting people and doesn’t like to go out. Now you have to realize that unnecessarily you are wasting your time and go back where were before you got into this bad habit.

Spend your time in trying to fix your past mistakes if possible.

Try and mix around with people of your type and spend some quality time with them.

Help your family if they need your help but do not expect anything back, this is you are doing to make you happy.

Do not idle anytime that will bring back bad memories and make you worry.

More than anything your determination plays a bigger part and tell your mind to stop worrying.

Constant unhappiness will give you loneliness. Therefore, you need to start looking for new groups and friendship for you to join and enjoy yourself.

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