How Writing skills can make you a happier person?

Writing is the real line of adventure for anyone at any age, because you do not have to go out to do that work, either a mother who looks after the children or a pensioner, a disabled person who cannot go out to do any work can pursue this career.

If you have the passion for writing, you can start it as the hobby and then along the line you can make good productions and make money and become famous as well. That said most of the time people are so laid back, and they lack confidence, which includes me as well. A couple of years ago I couldn’t write proper letters even though I was working in the financial sector I was good with figures, but the writing was not my passion.

I never thought about writing, but all of a sudden I have taken a liking to writing and slowly developing it. I have been thinking like these and I am sure this must be familiar for other aspiring authors out there.

  • I don’t know how to write
  • Will I find the time?
  • I don’t know how to start
  • I don’t have a topic to write
  • Is anyone going to laugh at my writing because it is not good enough?
  • Writing a book is a big project, and I don’t feel worthy of authorship
  • I think that anyone who wants to write a book will think like this because starting to write and the publishing it for the whole world to see is not an easy target especially when you haven’t done it and lack of confidence. Many aspiring authors have the willingness to do it, but they keep putting it off due to the reasons mentioned above so How to overcome the lack of confidence.

By learning and practicing writing skills you will have so many benefits, like improving communications, vocabulary builds up when you start to write will be able to bring out what is in your inner mind, whereas you might not be able to open your mind to anyone. So, you are giving you subconscious mind an opportunity to talk about your inner feelings on paper or screen. That itself make you feel free from the longest problems that you had in your mind ultimately it will make a happy person once you find writing your book and the important aspect is sharing it. Therefore, you will be glad that you have accomplished your passion for writing and you will be able to experience a change of life.

Perseverance, hard work well organized are the things that you need to write a book, firstly, select the topic, and plan it well, set your goal before even you start to write. If you are not committed and work consistency with a strategy, it will be impossible to achieve a target, among the whole load of distractions that you will get from others. It is always better to have a plan outline as to how you will write, edit and rewrite to become more accustomed to bringing out your thoughts and idea on paper or your laptop. When you continue to write in a particular order, keep the same style of work it will be a matter of manifesting your thoughts and ideas in your hands to achieve a high authorship which you will be proud of and leave a legacy.

Remember your book will outlive you, whether it becomes a big success or not.  Robert Kiyosaki’ s book Rich Dad Poor Dad became the number one book of all time, almost everyone knows about which has, made him a famous and rich person. Writing books and becoming successful doesn’t happen overnight and it takes time, consistency and perseverance will reward you.

So, do not wait anymore start right away and become a different person, that make you valued by your friends and relatives.


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